Build and configuration#

General Build Options#

Building the xeus-python library#

xeus-python build supports the following options:

  • XPYT_BUILD_SHARED: Build the xeus-python shared library. Enabled by default.

  • XPYT_BUILD_STATIC: Build the xeus-python static library. Enabled by default.

Xeus-python must link with xeus dynamically or statically.

  • XPYT_USE_SHARED_XEUS: Link with the xeus shared library (instead of the static library). Enabled by default.

Building the kernel#

The package includes two options for producing a kernel: an executable xpython and a Python extension module, which is used to launch a kernel from Python.

  • XPYT_BUILD_XPYTHON_EXECUTABLE: Build the xpython executable. Enabled by default.

  • XPYT_BUILD_XPYTHON_EXTENSION: Build the Python extension. Disabled by default.

The build of the Python extension is used in the context of the PyPI package to support virtual environments and user installations.

Both target make use of the two following options:

  • XPYT_USE_SHARED_XEUS_PYTHON: Link xpython with the xeus-python shared library. Enabled by default.

If XPYT_USE_SHARED_XEUS_PYTHON is disabled, xpython will be linked statically with xeus-python.

Building the Tests#

  • XPYT_BUILD_TESTS: enables the xtest and xbenchmark targets (see below). Disabled by default.

  • XPYT_DOWNLOAD_GTEST: downloads gtest and builds it locally instead of using a binary installation. Disabled by default.

  • XPYT_GTEST_SRC_DIR: indicates where to find the gtest sources instead of downloading them. Unset by default.

Enabling XPYT_DOWNLOAD_GTEST or setting XPYT_GTEST_SRC_DIR enables XPYT_BUILD_TESTS. If the XPYT_BUILD_TESTS option is enabled, the xtest target is made available, which builds and runs the test suite.

Other options#

  • XPYT_ENABLE_PYPI_WARNING: We enable this option when building PyPI wheel to show a warning discouraging the use of PyPI. Disabled by default.

  • XEUS_PYTHONHOME_RELPATH: indicates the relative path of the PYTHONHOME with respect to the installation prefix of the xpython target. This variable is unset by default.

  • XEUS_PYTHONHOME_ABSPATH: indicates the absolute path of the PYTHONHOME for the xpython target. This variable is unset by default.

By default, XEUS_PYTHONHOME_RELPATH and XEUS_PYTHONHOME_ABSPATH are unset and the PYTHONHOME is set to the installation prefix, which is the expected behavior for most cases. A situation in which we may need to specify a different value for XEUS_PYTHONHOME_RELPATH or XEUS_PYTHONHOME_ABSPATH is when using a Python installation from a different prefix. This occurs for example when building the conda package for xeus-python windows, since Python is installed in the general PREFIX while xeus-python is installed in the LIBRARY_PREFIX.